Frequensteiners are back


Frequensteiners are back in production and currently shipping.

Livewires re-creation of the SYNTHASYSTEM multimode filter, was the result of a collaboration between Mike Brown and Nyle Steiner.

The Frequensteiner differs from other Steiner filter designs based on the Synthacon. It incorporates a unique resonation circuit (capable of self oscillation) and an expanded diode ladder. FrequenSteiner incorporates all discrete components in the filter core (no ICs) and a single input which is switch selectable for low, band or highpass output modes.

The Frequensteiners will only run for a limited time in 2016 (ending when the Dual Cyclotron begins).

You can purchase the Frequensteiner from the following dealers:



North America:





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Frequensteiner video playlist

Check out these Frequensteiner vids from the Livewire YouTube page. There are even a couple glimpses of the Frac version we ran 10 years ago.

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news: reserve your Dual Cyclotron before they’re released

I had enough requests for presale yesterday to justify coming up with a solution that will guarantee anyone wanting a new Dual Cyclotron gets one and guarantee I’ll be able to sleep while they’re being made.

The Dual Cyclotron Reserve List is officially open.

What this means:

  1. registering guarantees you will be given the opportunity to purchase a Dual Cyclotron before they’re made available for sale to the general public
  2. you will be purchasing from a Livewire dealer (details will be announced when they’re ready to ship).
  3. you WILL NOT be spammed* with future Livewire marketing, blah, blah, blah. This list is – no kidding – exclusively about reserving a Dual Cyclotron
  4. slots are limited. Only 1/2 of this run will be reserved (because “things happen” – I’ll be more ballsy on the next release). You will receive a confirmation, with information, regarding your reservation.
  5. if the list is full, you’ll be on stand by and offered a shot in the event of a cancellation

If you’d like to be added:

Subject line: Dual Cyclotron
(Correct subject line will really help with the admin – thanks)

That’s it!

REPEAT: this isn’t a commitment to purchase.
When the DC is ready to ship I’ll contact you with purchase info. If you say “no”, “changed my mind” or don’t reply (within reason), that unit will be made available to someone on stand by.


* unless you’d like to be notified anytime a Livewire module is available for reserve. If you do, send a separate email, put “All” in subject line

(note: that’s a different list – more on that later – maybe).

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news: dual cyclotron v.7


Currently testing final revision of the updated Dual Cyclotron production prototype.

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social media

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youtube channel

here: Livewire Synthesizers YouTube Channel

AFG Playlist:

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